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About the HOPIN Application

Welcome to the world of simple travel!

HopIN was created in 2012, in order to facilitate travel by taxi in Slovakia and in time also beyond its borders. Thanks to the people who fell in love with quick and easy travel, we grew from 100 orders a month to more than 1,500 per day within three years. And growing further! Jump in and catch a ride as well.

Why use Hopin

  1. Simplicity

    You can order a taxi with a couple of clicks and without waiting.

  2. The nearest vehicle

    We will always send the nearest vehicle.

  3. The choice of taxi

    You can choose what vehicle and driver will pick you up.

  4. The best drivers

    The quality of the offered services is a priority for us.


How to order a taxi

  1. Confirm your locationOr choose a different location where the taxi is supposed to come. You immediately see the available taxis and its details.
  2. Select a taxi from the offerYou can choose the cheapest, nearest taxi or one with the best ranking. Set your own search preferences, or simply select your favorite taxi.
  3. Order a taxiYou can see it approaching you on the map. You can come out right when your taxi arrives.

HOPIN features

  • Choice of the vehicle type

    Choose the type of taxi you need. Select car type limousine, van, sedan,…

  • Search parameters

    To find the right taxi you can use up to 7 parameters, such as Price, Ranking, Popularity, Car Type, Driver’s Language, ...

  • History of rides

    If you need to know when, where and which taxi you used, just scroll through history.

  • Driver’s ranking

    Rate your experience from the ride with the driver. Compliment the driver if you were satisfied.

  • Greater overview

    You don’t need to wait for a taxi in the rain anymore. Just check where they are located right now.

  • Notifications

    We will notify you about the taxi’s arrival via a message through the application.

  • Card payment

    Add your card to your HOPIN account and pay for your taxi through direct debit.

  • Price calculator

    Using the calculator you can find out the informative price for the taxi ride. With us you are able to estimate how much you pay for the ride.

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Suggestion for Improvement

If you have an idea to improve the application, please let us know.

Email: info@hopintaxi.com