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Top reasons
to use HOPIN


More than 500 taxis in Bratislava
Order a ride via the smartphone app
Quality confirmed by 400,000+ customer reviews
Taxi is available anytime, anywhere
Pay by cash or by credit card via the app
See in advance who and when is picking you up


Ride comfortably in high-end vehicles
Experienced, professional drivers
Superior on-board customer service
Available online anytime, anywhere
Pay in cash or by card through the application
Overview of LIMO taxis on the map or via the list of vehicles


With live bus and tram locations you’ll never miss another connection
We’ll show you nearby lines and stops.
Easy route planner from your current position
Intuitive navigation and combination of stops and routes
Complete map of all stops with timetables
View the entire route of your selected line, from the first stop to the last



* Limousine and Public transport profiles are available only in Bratislava. *

Best features
for you

See all taxis on the map

You can see all available taxis in your area on the map. Choose a taxi that suits you or let us choose for you. To can get the driver`s details click on car icon on the map.

Pay by credit card or cash

Register your credit card and pay for a ride cashless. However, you can switch back to a cash payment anytime.

See who and when is coming for you

You know exactly when and what taxi you get into. You see the driver`s name, the car model and car photo. You see also how far away the taxi is and it`s ETA.

See taxi approaching on the map

See the driver approaching on the map in real time. Wait for him inside a café, office, or home. No need to wait in the street in cold or rain.

Add the driver to favourites

Did you like the ride? Add the driver to favourites, and he will receive your orders as first. All favourite drivers are marked by heart icon on the map.

Your taxi, your preference

Set your preference in Menu. Set the type of car, Eco taxi, maximum price per kilometr and more. Are you silent person and do not want to talk with driver? Take a dog with you? Just set it up.

Check out the order history

Find all your rides in Order history. Have you forgotten your wallet in the taxi? Find the last order and send a message to the driver. You did not manage to rate the driver? Find him in Order history.

Chat with driver directly

Once the drive accepts the order, you can call him or chat via in-app messenger. You can agree more precisely where to pick you up or you can let him know if you are late.

Customer support always available

Send us an in-app message and we will respond and help you. We can identify you immediately in the system to provide the best possible support.

You rate, we get better

App asks for a review after each ride. Your rating is important to us and to the driver. If you give the driver a low rating, he will not receive your order anymore and the support will review the feedback.

All available LIMO taxis on the map

Our map will show you all the LIMO taxis available to pick you up based on your current location. Select the vehicle of your choice, or let us choose. Tap the pin marker on the map to see vehicle details.

Pay by card or cash

Register your payment card for cashless taxi payments. Switch back to cash payments at any time.

Know who’s picking you up and when

As soon as your booking is confirmed you’ll get the details of your driver and vehicle, so you’ll always know when and which taxi you’ll be taking. You’ll have the name of your driver, the vehicle model and photo, number plate, where they are in relation to you, and how many minutes before they pick you up.

See your driver approaching on the map

You’ll see your driver moving along the map and approaching your location. Wait in the comfort of a coffee house, your office, or home. No more standing out on the street in the cold, getting soaked in the rain, or sweating in the sweltering heat.

Choose your vehicle

Use the app to set your vehicle preference. Don’t feel like chatting? Choose a quiet ride. Got a dog or baggage, or need a child seat? No problem. Just set your preferences through the filters.

Complete ride history

You can find all your trips in your ride history. Left your wallet in the taxi? Find your last booking and send a message directly to the driver. Were you really satisfied with a ride but forgot to add the driver to your favourites? Find him in your ride history.

Communicate directly with the driver

Use in-app messaging to communicate with the driver when you make your booking. Make more specific arrangements about pick-up location, or let the driver know you’re running late. You can also call the driver if you need to.

Help is always available

In-app messaging makes it easy to contact us directly at any time so we can assist you with your problem. Your app profile helps us identify you in our system and offer you targeted assistance.

Your reviews help us to improve

After every ride the application will ask you for a review. This review is important for us, for you, and for the driver. If you give a driver a poor review, we won’t send that driver to you any more and we’ll address the situation straight away. When you give a good review, you’re telling us you are satisfied with us and trust our services.

Real-time bus and tram information

Create a public transport profile and track the location of all public transport vehicles in real time. See them move along the map, their exact location, and how far they are from each other.

Nearest stops and routes

We’ll show you which stops and routes are nearest to you based on your current location. The navigation feature lets us show you the fastest way to get to your stop.

Plan your route

Know where you’re going but not sure how to get there? We can help. Enter your destination address and we’ll take it from there. We’ll show you how to get to the stop, which route to get on, and where to get off.

Map of stops and routes

The interactive map gives you a full overview of all stops in Bratislava. Tap on a stop to see what buses and trams stop there, where they are headed, when the next one leaves, or whether it’s a request stop. Zoom in on the map to see the stands in both directions.

Timetables and departures

Tap on a stop or line number on the map for a drop-down timetable and departure times. The clear timetable and real-time bus and tram locations help you plan your time accordingly.

Details of all routes

Choose a route on the map, tap the icon, and we’ll show you all the information you need. First and last stop, complete route, current location, and important details (low-floor vehicle).

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First of all – HOPIN is reliable. And that is why I am satisfied and respect it. It will sound like a cliché – but I really need a reliable partner and stable quality. It is simple – HOPIN just has a lot of cars and thanks to that it is always available. Drivers are professional and you can easily choose your favorite one.
Jakub Ptačín, graphic designer, Studio Echt, organizer of By Design conference
We chose HOPIN as a partner based on the simplicity and quick ordering process through the application, reliable customer service and always available detailed order management.
Dominik Ladra, District manager for Slovakia, Cinema City Slovakia, s. r. o.

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