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We drive customers in these cities – Bratislava, Košice, Humenné, Martin, Prievidza, Prague, Ostrava, Kyiv and Ljubljana.


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Receive orders in smartphone app
More than 70,000+ active customers monthly
Flexible working time
Pay only when you drive
See customer`s location on the map
Chat directly with customer through in-app messenger

Price list

What we require
from drivers


Taxi licence with register car

We only work with professional drivers who meet all the legal requirements for the passenger transport – taxis.


Freelancer or other business entity

The drivers are not our employees. We operate on Cooperation Agreements. We cooperate only with a freelancer or other business entity.


Smartphone or tablet with mobile internet

HOPIN TAXI app works on smartphone or tablet and needs constant access to the internet. We recommend Android device.


Pride in providing quality service

We ask customer for review after each ride. Happier customers mean more orders for you. Drive can give reviews to customers as well.


Registration form

Click on “join HOPIN ” and fill out the registration form. We will contact you.

This is
driver app

You can accept or reject any order

For every order received, you see a pick-up address and the customer (new, loyal, corporate). It is up to you to accept or reject the order.

Check the credit balance

You prepay the credit. Monthly fee and order commission is charged from the credit. If credit is below 0, you cannot accept orders. Check the credit balance in app anytime.

Accept cash or credit card

If the customer chooses to pay by credit card, you enter the sum from taximeter in the app. We charge the customer`s credit cards for you.

Chat with the customer

After accepting the order, you can chat with the customer via in-app messenger. You can specify the pick-up address or let him know you have arrived.

See the customer on the map

It is easy to navigate right to the customer as you see his GPS location on the map. This way you always find your way to him.

Find all orders in History

All received, even rejected, orders can be found in Menu> Order history. No need to keep a record elsewhere.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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