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Slovakia has introduced a European phenomenon.
Smoke-free HOPIN taxis.
Dozens of specially marked IQOS FRIENDLY taxis
hit the streets of the capital in June.
These allow adult clients to enjoy smokeless
alternatives to conventional cigarettes during their journey.

Try an IQOS FRIENDLY taxi yourself

You can use smoke-free products in IQOS FRIENDLY taxis.
In the taxis you can charge your IQOS device.
IQOS FRIENDLY taxis are equipped with IQOS heets-trays.
IQOS FRIENDLY taxis are regularly ventilated and use special perfume.
The price list includes Economy, Premium and ECO services.
There are dozens of vehicles in the IQOS FRIENDLY taxi fleet.



* IQOS FRIENDLY taxi service
was created in cooperation with the IQOS brand.


How to book an IQOS FRIENDLY taxi?

IQOS FRIENDLY taxis are easy to order.

Just like any other HOPIN taxi. After entering

the starting and destination addresses, you can choose IQOS FRIENDLY – Economy

or IQOS FRIENDLY – Premium. You will see the price for the journey

in advance, of course. Then all you have to do is confirm your order.

About cooperation


  • Why can you smoke in a taxi when smoking is forbidden by law?

    IQOS is not a cigarette but a smokeless device that does not produce smoke like conventional cigarettes, but an aerosol, which is basically water vapour. It is not against the law to use IQOS in a taxi. Smokeless taxis are a complementary service and an alternative option to other HOPIN services.

  • What is the difference between IQOS or electronic cigarettes and conventional cigarettes?

    The fundamental difference between a cigarette and a smokeless tobacco product is that while the tobacco in a cigarette burns and produces smoke containing around 6000 pollutants, the tobacco in a smokeless tobacco product is only heated and, instead of smoke, it produces an aerosol containing up to 95 % less pollutants than cigarette smoke on average and it consists mainly of water vapour, nicotine and glycerine. Liquid particles evaporate in less than 1 minute, do not adversely affect indoor air and are not a source of passive smoking. All nicotine products, including smokeless products, are not risk-free as nicotine is an addictive substance, but they are a better choice for adult smokers if they wish to continue smoking.

  • Why were IQOS FRIENDLY TAXIS created?

    HOPIN is a dynamic company that constantly strives to innovate and meet the needs of its clients, which include smokeless product users. IQOS FRIENDLY taxi is an additional service that adult clients can use based on their own choice.

  • Are all HOPIN taxis IQOS FRIENDLY?

    No. IQOS friendly taxis are a complementary alternative to other HOPIN services. Thus far, it is a pilot 3-month project in Bratislava, which involves approximately 40 taxis.

  • How can I book an IQOS FRIENDLY taxi?

    Simply. First of all, you need to have the HOPIN app. If you don’t have it, download it from the App Store or Google Play. When you open the application, you will see the BUS, TAXI, COURIER menu. TAXI is the default option, so just enter the starting and destination addresses and click CONTINUE. Then select IQOS FRIENDLY from the ECONOMY, PREMIUM, TAXIMETER and IQOS FRIENDLY offer.

  • Are IQOS FRIENDLY taxis specially marked?

    Yes. Each IQOS FRIENDLY taxi has a magnet on the door that says “You can enjoy smoke-free products here” and a smoke-free device icon. In the app, there is also a smokeless device icon on the car pin.

  • Do IQOS FRIENDLY taxis have any special equipment?

    Yes. All IQOS FRIENDLY taxis are equipped with heets-trays (boxes for used cartridges), IQOS chargers and an original fragrance to make the journey more pleasant for passengers.

  • Is only IQOS or are other smokeless products allowed in the HOPIN taxi?

    IQOS is synonymous with all smokeless products. All products from this category can be used while driving.

  • Can an IQOS FRIENDLY taxi come for me even if I haven't booked one?

    It can happen; it is of utmost importance for the HOPIN app to provide clients with a fast pickup. However, if the application automatically assigns an IQOS FRIENDLY taxi to the client, the client has the right to cancel the order and re-order another taxi.

  • What if I get into an IQOS FRIENDLY taxi as a non-smoker after another client who used IQOS? Will I smell something?

    IQOS does not produce any smoke, just aerosol (vapour). Because the aerosol does not contain solid particles, it does not become permanently trapped on clothing, on the human body or on furniture and interior furnishings of taxis. It evaporates in just one minute. What’s more, all IQOS FRIENDLY taxis are equipped with the original IQOS fragrance, so there’s no unpleasant smell to worry about, and all drivers involved in the pilot project are instructed to ventilate the vehicles regularly.

  • Can I take an IQOS FRIENDLY taxi in the company of non-smokers? Am I endangering their health?

    You can, but of course it’s up to other passengers to decide if they feel comfortable. It is necessary to behave responsibly and to be considerate of others.


  • Can IQOS FRIENDLY taxis be booked by persons under 18 years of age?

    The installation of the HOPIN app is subject to the user agreeing to the terms and conditions, in which the user confirms that he/she is over 18 years of age. The use of smokeless products is also subject to a minimum age of 18 years. For these reasons, the IQOS FRIENDLY taxi service is not intended for minors.

  • Can taxi drivers assess whether a smokeless device in a taxi is being used by a minor?

    The installation of the HOPIN app is subject to the user agreeing to the terms and conditions, in which the user confirms that he/she is over 18 years of age; at the same time, the use of smoke-free products is subject to a minimum age of 18 years.

  • Are the IQOS user's surroundings exposed to passive smoking?

    No. IQOS neither burns nor smokes and does not release any particulate matter. The IQOS user’s surroundings are therefore not exposed to passive smoking.

  • Will the drivers themselves smoke in these taxis while driving?

    No. Our drivers need to be fully focused on driving and client safety. (They can, however, use a smokeless alternative during a break and while waiting for a client.)

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