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What HOPIN offers?

Increase number of orders at least on 30%
Quick start with customized modern ride haling taxi app
No need to develop and manage taxi software platform
Save app development costs up to 100.000€

What franchisee will get?

Modern user friendly customize app for taxi business

Comprehensive highly customized taxi app
Localization and adjustment according to your needs
Quality verified by 700.000+ customer reviews
Effective and fast cooperation. Low royalty fee
Card, cash, ewallet, voucher payment options in app
One app for different services - taxi, courier, public transport, store

HOPIN Ecosystem (platform for taxi)

for customers
for drivers
Dashboard and
dispatch system
Administration system
for business rides

HOPIN app features


Price calculation

Price calculation in ridesharing app can be set by your needs – in app taxameter or fixed prices.


Different fares

Use different fares for different services offered to customers: economy, premium, eco, courier.



Use price coefficients at peak time, night, high demand with automatic or manual correction.


Customize ride

Order for specific time. Special ride filters could be set as free of charge or paid (dog in car, big luggage, silent ride).


Special prices

Set special prices for specific destinations (airport, train, bus stations) in new app for taxi startup .


Direct order

Customer could choose driver from the map and book this marked car for ride in our car for hire app.



Easy price setup and edition. Waiting time, time in car, in and out of city rates – automatically ride price calculation.


Driver fee

Easy driver fee setup and different models (% from ride, min payment for order, monthly payment, fee refund).


Additional services

Get additional services in one app: bus tickets, courier delivery, store, city parking, shared rides.

How does app look like?

Сustomer app

Customer uses a simple and intuitive app for taxi booking. Different payment methods are available: cash, card, ewallet, voucher or company rides.

Driver app

Simple, but functional app for receiving orders. Open information about ride details for driver at the moment of order receiving (price, destination point).

Additional service: COURIER

Customers can take advantage of sending shipments via courier profile. You will make full use of the capacity of the drivers. Taxi dispatch system.

Additional service: BUS

In app for bus tickets, passengers can view the current location of public transport, charts and can even purchase different types of tickets.

HOPIN features

Choose car, set custom filters, direct communication between customer and drivers via internal messenger. Map tracking in ride hailing app for startup.

HOPIN features

You get feedback from customers through ratings, passengers can contact customer support via ride for hire app. Looking for icabbi autofleet alternative?


The first customer ride in


Number of app downloads


Number of customers per month


Number of ratings from customers


Number of kilometers traveled with customers

35 mil.

Solution for business taxi rides since


Franchise package price

  • Cost per order (pay as you do)

    Royalty fee for every order on platform  0.2€
    Franchise fee  5.000€
    • Additional “white label app” fee: 1000€ (if you want own app name, brand, colors).
    • Royalty fee could be changed as % from order price (under discussion).

    What is included in franchise package option:

    ⇒ Full customize localized working application

      •  Taxi section
      •  Customers section
      •  Drivers section
      •  Payment gate
      •  Pricing section
      • Dispatch system

    ⇒ Training of drivers and management

      •  admin section
      •  application

    ⇒ Personal manager

    ⇒ Backend consulting and marketing support

    ⇒ Admin and reporting tool for drivers’ management according to requirements

    ⇒ Regular updates and maintenance of applications quarterly

    ⇒ Legal Trademark use

    ⇒ Possibility to use like white label hailing app (your brand, logo, name)

    ⇒ Map using is included (google or here maps)

    Additional payments (if it will be on HOPIN side):

    • sms service

    ADDHOC updates or develop according your requests (apply on features after setup)

      • 30 €/manhours (request will be evaluated according to time need for implementation)

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