Take advantages of HOPIN TAXI app franchise!

We offer franchise opportunity through the popular Europe taxi app. Collaborate with us and do taxi business more easily, efficiently and modernly.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a taxi service or you want to start your business, we are open to cooperation.

Why work with us?


Increased number of orders by + 30%
Savings in labor costs and time to process orders for drivers and dispatchers
No need to develop and manage the app by yourself
Save app development costs up to € 100,000

Choose from two system solutions

1) HOPIN app

• customers order a taxi through the app
• the driver receives orders directly into the profile
• no dispatching is required
• an administrative system is available
• cash and card payment are possible


2) HOPIN dispatch

• HOPIN dispatching replaces existing dispatching systems
• Order management software
• possible to order via the app and by phone
• the dispatcher has the option to create an order
• there is a map with the current location of taxis
• there are statistics on rides and number of orders
• connection to the control panel

How does it work?


Customers and drivers use a comprehensive app
Location and adjustment according to individual needs
Quality verified by 500,000+ customer reviews
Effective and fast cooperation
An app full of popular features, including various taxi payments
The same app for customers and drivers

Full system

for the customer
for the driver
Business portal
for corporate customers

What do you get?


Modern system

A flexible and efficient solution brings easier work, more orders, less worries and customer satisfaction.



You don’t have to invent and program your own app. Take advantage of all the popular and proven functions that HOPIN offers, including the completion of the necessary details.


Custom settings

You don’t have to invent and program your own app. Take advantage of all the popular and proven functions that HOPIN offers, including the completion of the necessary details.



Depending on the type of cooperation, we also provide communication and marketing support.



As part of the cooperation, you will also receive a presentation of the entire system and training on the operation of the application, administration system, driver registration and other functionalities.



If you have any ideas for new functionalities, services or requirements or questions, we are always available.

What does the app look like?

TAXI profile for customers

The customer uses a simple and intuitive app for ordering taxis. He can pay in cash or by card, or use company rides

TAXI profile for drivers

The same app, but in a special mode for drivers, works to receive orders.

Additional services: COURIER

Customers can take advantage of sending shipments via courier profile. You will make full use of the capacity of the drivers.

Additional services: BUS

In the bus profile, passengers can view the current location of public transport, charts and can even buy tickets.

HOPIN features

In the app you can set the type of vehicle and customers communicate with drivers via internal messenger.

HOPIN features

You get feedback from customers through ride ratings, and passengers can contact customer support via the app.

About HOPIN app

The first customer drove in


Number of app downloads


Number of customers per month


Number of ratings from customers


Number of kilometers traveled with customers

35 mil.

We have been driving companies since


HOPIN app was created as the first and most popular taxi app in Slovakia. Now we are working in EU and Ukraine.
Today is thanks to us mobility in the city easier. Through HOPIN you order a convenient taxi, a comfortable limousine, special taxi for children, express courier, but you can also buy a bus ticket or see current timetable.

Where HOPIN works


Cooperation model

The starting point for concluding the contract is the following three conditions:

• Monthly fee •

For renting and managing applications.

• Profit share •

Agreed percentages of realized orders.

• Entry fee •

One-time fee for application / system preparation.

The specific conditions and model of cooperation depend on the mutual negotiations of both parties.

Application form

If you are interested in cooperating with us,
fill in the application form.