Parking ticket through the HOPIN app.

Quick and easy electronic online parking reservation.

Download HOPIN to your smartphone and buy parking ticket via the app:

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Why to use HOPIN Parking?

You can buy parking ticket through simple and intuitive application verified by more than 700,000 downloads.
Simply create your profile and add identification number of your vehicle. You can also add multiple cars.
Parking zone is determined by the app based on your location or you can select it from the list of zones in app.
Set parking period and see the price in advance. Than you can reserve your parking ticket.
Payment for parking is made through the application by card, e-wallet or from a registered company account.
You can synchronize your profile in the HOPIN application with the PAAS profile (if you already have registered PAAS profile).


* HOPIN Parking service was created in cooperation
with the city of Bratislava and the project
Bratislava parking assistant – PAAS.
It is currently only available in Bratislava
in the zones designated under the PAAS project.


How does HOPIN Parking work?

HOPIN Parking

Launch HOPIN app and click on “P” symbol – Parking.

Create profile, add ID

If you want to use HOPIN Parking on a regular basis, create your account and add identfication number of your vehicle. You can add multiple cars into your profile.

Parking zones

Parking zones are marked with blue color (lines and spaces). You can get parking ticket only for these marked zones. Select your parking zone by moving the pin on the map or from the list of zones in the app.

Parking period

Set the parking period you need for parking. App will send you an alert 5 minutes before your period expires. You can extend it later remotely.

Parking reservation

App will calculate you price for parking based on all added data.


You can pay for parking in 3 ways: payment card, credit from e-wallet or through your HOPIN business account.

Parking in Active mode

You can see now “Active parking ticket” on the map with location of your vehicle.

Extend your parking period

If necessary you can extend the parking ticket remotely.

Parking history

You can see whole history of your parking tickets in the app.

PAAS account synchronization

You can synchronize your profile in the HOPIN application with the PAAS profile (if you already have registered PAAS profile).


Parking prices are determined
by PAAS.

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